Southeast Asian Style Pineapple Tart (黄梨酥)

Southeast Asian cuisine: Pineapple Tart (黄梨酥) I learnt about this Southeast Asian Style Pineapple Tart (黄梨酥) when my OH and I celebrated our first Chinese New Year together few years ago. This pineapple tart is filled with homemade pineapple jam; it's more like a cookie and could be shaped in many ways. I don't have the special tool to make pineapple roll so I chose to make it into a simple ball shape with lines looking like Pineapple Bun (菠蘿包). Pineapple tart is different from Pineapple Cake (鳳梨酥) which is very popular in Taiwan. The recipe was adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover . This recipe is less complicated and it's one of my favourite snacks now. Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía del sureste asiático: Galletas de piña Me enteré las galletas de piña (黄梨酥) cuando mi novio y yo celebramos nuestro primer año nuevo chino juntos hace unos años. Estas galletas rellenas de mermelada de piña casera son menudo en formas diferentes: enrolladas, bolitas y etc. Sin embargo, no t

Millionaire's Shortbread with Dark Chocolate

World cuisine:  Millionaire's Shortbread with Dark Chocolate The origin of this confection is controversial. It is between Scotland or Australia.  Millionaire's Shortbread consists of a shortbread biscuit base topped with caramel and milk chocolate.  I replaced the milk chocolate with dark chocolate to reduce the sweetness. The recipe was adapted from Carnation . In my opinion, it is still very sweet. I am going to provide you the full recipe; however,  I do suggest halving the caramel quantity for balance flavours.  Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía internacional: Millionaires shortbread con chocolate negro Este es un dulce de origen polémico : de Escocia o de Australia. El millionaires shortbread consiste tradicionalmente en tres capas: una base de galleta shortbread, un relleno de caramelo y una cobertura de chocolate con leche. Us é el chocolate negro en lugar del chocolate con leche para reducir la cantidad de azúcar.  La receta está adaptada de Carnation . Desde mi

Chinese Honey Roast Pork / Char Siu (蜜汁叉燒)

Chinese cuisine: Roast Pork (Honey 蜜糖) Char Siu  (叉燒) is a general term for roast pork in Chinese. There are many different recipes to make this  Char Siu . I made  my dad's recipe using red fermented beancurd ( 南乳) for a unique flavour last time. This time, the  Char Siu  recipe calls for soya sauce and honey. This recipe was adapted from Lazy Mom and Busy Dad . They are all equally delicious!  Char Siu  can be served on its own,  with rice or noodle, or  as a filling for pastries like steamed buns ( baos ).  Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía de China: Cerdo asado al estilo chino (Miel) El término ' char siu'  (叉燒) es describir la barbacoa de carne de cerdo al estilo chino. Hay una gran variedad de recetas de  char siu . La última vez, hice el char siu   con queso de frijol rojo (南乳)   que tuvo un sabor único.  La receta fue adaptada de  mi padre.  Esta vez, esta receta usa la salsa de soja y la miel.  La receta está adaptada de Lazy Mom and Busy Dad .  Todo es igu