Malaysian / Singaporean Indian Style Lamb Biryani

Malaysian / Singaporean Indian Cuisine: Lamb Biryani Biryani varies by region. Traditionally, Indian biryani is served in one dish without any sauce but I prefer this Malaysian Indian style biryani more because I like the combination of spiced rice and lamb curry.  I have already made this dish several times as it's that  delicious, flavoursome and easy to make.  The recipe was adapted from Recipes are Simple .  Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía del sureste asiático:  Biryani de cordero El biryani varía con la zona. Tradicionalmente, el biryani se suele servir como un plato completo sin salsa en India pero prefiero más este biryano al estilo del sureste asiático porque me gusta la combinación de arroz basmati aromatizado con especias y de curry de cordero. Este plato está tan delicioso, sabroso y fácil de hacer que lo he cocinado algunas veces.  La receta está adaptada de  Recipes are Simple . Se desplaza para la receta.  Cuisine d'Asie du sud-est: Biryani à l'agneau

Easy Giant Soft & Chewy Chocolate Chunks Birthday Cookie

Cuisine of the United States: Giant Dark  Chocolate Chunks Cookie     What's so special with these American cookies?  They're soft and chewy compared to our British biscuits that are buttery and crumbly. Here, my other biscuit / cookie recipes:  Easter  Biscuits , Malay Momo Cookies (Kuih Makmur) , Malaysian Crispy Almond Cookies , SEA Style Butter Cookies , Chinese Mooncake Cookies  (豬籠餅 / 豬仔餅) , SEA Style Pineapple Tart (黄梨酥) and  Millionaire's Shortbread with Dark Chocolate .  Why American cookies now? My sister's boyfriend who is white British has  tried two attempts in making his favourite snack but failed. So, I decided to make  a giant cookie to celebrate his birthday and he loved it. The recipe was adapted from Savvy Bites .  He has been following this recipe to make his favourite snack ever since.  Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía de los Estados Unidos: Galleta gigante con pepitas chunks de chocolate negro ¿Qué lo hace especial? En comparación con las g

Polish Dumplings with Potato, Cottage Cheese and Onions Filling (Pierogi Ruskie) with Carrot Apple Salad and Sour Cream

Polish cuisine:  Polish Dumplings with Potato  and Cottage Cheese Filling (Pierogi Ruskie) with Carrot Apple Salad and Sour Cream I miss having Polish food again! I made  Polish meatballs (pulpety) in dill sauce with carrot apple salad and mashed potato last time. This time, I decided to make pierogi (filled dumplings). They're considered peasant food in Poland because of its simplicity and low-cost to make. However, I always look at pierogi like our shuijiao (Chinese boiled dumplings /  水餃 ) which is definitely not just for the peasants but for everyone. Pierogi ruskie consists of mashed potato, farmers' cheese and onions. I couldn't find any Polish farmers' cheese from where I live in Manchester so I used cottage cheese from local supermarket. Pierogi is usually served hot on its own or with sour cream. I added carrot apple salad too. The recipe was adapted from Polonist .  Scroll down for the recipe. Gastronomía de Polonia: Pasta polaca rellena de  puré  de pata